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I am so impressed! I have tears in my eyes! This is one of those gifts you receive for sharing yourselves. How amazing of these girls, and imagine that your sharing, yours and Mia's, ignited their flame. This is what makes the world better, deeper, more open. I can't wait to hear about it!!!


I had tears in my eyes, too! These girls were even more remarkable than I expected, each in their own way. I'm posting about the trip tomorrow and some of the girls themselves may guest blog!


Wow! Gosh, I love the human spirit. I love Survivors. There is a reason my work always leads me back to young people like this. Kids like this show us what is possible.
I hope it goes beautifully. Bless all of them!



There is nothing more amazing than these two women - that is you Claire and Mia!! The courage to heal and the motivation to reach others. You touched all of us and will never be forgotten. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul!


We are placed on this earth to love deeply and to care for our fellow man.
Much love


Last weekend spent with the two of you and our group was unforgettable. I can't stop thinking about it and talking about it. You two are amazing and so are these girls. We have learned so much from these few hours with you, you have been inspirations to all of us. Bless you for doing what you do and making it through with such strength, courage and love and for passing that forward. We are survivors!


That is awesome. Getting the power back and holding onto it and feeling comfortable that way - a lot of the struggle lies right there. Bravo young women!

To share an insight: A wise therapist I know uses the word 'injured' in place of 'damaged' ... I like this for many reasons. 'Damage' brings to mind permanent holes, scars, dents, etc. while 'injury' is something that most certainly will heal. My 2 cents for you today! Can't wait for the update.

zed null


i've found your book to be a challenging but thought provoking read; well worth the time and effort!!!

(i'm presently reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road, as a "follow-up book", and so far, agree with your summation of it!!!)

as a sexual abuse survivor myself (the victimizer was my fraternal twin, as we were growing up ((who is 14 minutes older than i... and, in the generation and culture we were born into, was considered the OLDER BROTHER and "above reproach" when i've "tried to discuss it" with our parents ((now dead!!!))

to this day, he denies "any of it happening" (by saying whenever i "try to talk to him about it", that: "you DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT"... we were "kids", and "it was just me EXPLORING my EARLIER SEXUAL AWAKENINGS!!!)

(i ask: "how WOULD HE know what SEXUAL AWAKENING was, unless he WAS ABUSE HIMSELF; but IS IN DENIAL HIMSELF"???)

i have always been somewhat effeminate in appearance, compared to his masculine one; and i've had both male and female therapists postulate, that "perhaps i was supposed to have been born female; and therefore, his "sexual exploration" was "because he perceived me as being female"... as "their simplified explanation" of his behavior toward me!!!

perhaps, if you do a "local" to Los Angeles, California event... in the new year... i might come to it... and introduce myself...

thank you for having a site like this, for survivors to add their voice,



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